For children who are fussy eaters

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TODDLER UN agency strike / fussy intake often makes parents run out of ideas . All suggests that are tried , but instead encountered a dead finish . actually what is the mastermind of intake problems in youngsters ? justify the development of child difficulty intake much tricky . " Ah is also its time " or " time again bored with the menu ... " . The age of toddlers to explore the spirit of the child increases , often intake became less fun than taking part in activity . strive the regular pattern , no play time , no time to eat , there is also a time to sleep .

Unfortunately not all bother intake as straightforward as that , if sensible stance to face child fast stalemate, possibly there is a medical cause of this condition . Common culprit is loss of appetite attributable to stomach upset . Observe your child daily , if often expertise :

    Frequent flatulence
 projection or nausea when disuapin food
 abdomen pain intermittent momentaneous

This is often in the course of behavioural disorders like hyperactive , sleep disorders night and concentration problems . very often there is a dental health problems , mouth sores and haemorrhage gums . Equally vital observe whether or not the child suffered movement disorders bite , chew and swallow , by the way when the child vomited observe whether or not the food was ingested still intact , if so , sign your child have difficulty change of state mengalamani utterly .

Although smaller influence of psychological factors also influence the child's appetite . Suppose the fogeys area unit protective or fussy , family inharmoniousness .

So, what answer we can do :

    Verify whether or not the right child has difficulty intake .
 find the cause of why your baby feeding difficulties .
 identify if there area unit complications.
 provide treatment to the cause .
 when the cause gastrointestinal disturbances , avoid certain foods that cause interference .

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The Importance of Pre- wedding medical checkup

DETERMINE relative is tricky . Love , mental and material readiness isn't enough capital to become a marriage . Openness about the history of the possible husband and wife's health was vital so as to avoid disappointment and anger at a later date . this is often as a result of truly , there is very little domestic problems that arise later attributable to health problems . the beauty of entreaty , each short and long , generally covering the character and condition , together with issues of health of every real party . Therefore, ceremonial medical checkup is critical to ascertain a healthy and prosperous families .

Unfortunately, according to Widyastuti steward , advisor psychologist and wedding , awareness for a medical before wedding as husband and married woman pair of candidates remains less common in country. this is often as a result of they are less attentive to the impact of the health aspects of marital happiness . " very little things related to physical problems , if problems can interfere with the relationship of husband and married woman in the family understand , " value-added steward .

Low awareness for a medical before wedding attributable to varied things . Lack of socialization and culture similarly because the strong influence of spiritual dogma remains an obstacle , like the suggestion that a mate is determined by God , thus regardless of the risk to be two-faced and grateful . in addition , tests like these area unit considered solely can augment the list of activeness and hassles before the marriage . not to mention the notion that health screening could be a waste as a result of the value isn't small . For a whole examination , prospective couples on the average ought to pay cash on 500 thousand .

Fear of the cancellation of {the wedding|the wedding} after the results of medical examinations contributory cause not several married couples prospective medical check before wedding . "Psychologically , humans area unit most scared of being rejected , " aforesaid the steward . although medical checkup before wedding is beneficial to assess the health of couples , each usually and specifically , to the presence or absence of risk or health disorder that can endanger the couple and their future offspring . " wedding is to produce future generation that is much healthier than previous generations , " said dr . Boyke Dian Nugraha , medical specialist of Clinical marriage .

Examination includes a physical examination before wedding would be the presence or absence of infectious diseases and hereditary diseases that can be transmitted or lowered  . "The inspection was to prepare prospective couple from the start that there was nothing on their health , " added dr . Boyke . do not let regrets arise after wedding , just because of a malady that would are treated previously . as an example , after wedding , the married woman apparently had a miscarriage attributable to infection virus that can actually be cured of the first .

Infectious diseases like infectious disease , hepatitis , venereal disease and Cupid's disease ( GO ) can be found in each partners or one amongst them can be treated to recover totally before the marriage , in order that the chance of malady can infect your partner can be reduced .

Those who carry the malady gene or kelainana that can be derived like diabetes mellitus , asthma , and diseases of the blood disease , it's better to be cautious and keep the trigger in order that the malady doesn't throw borne diseases . They ready themselves to receive their descendants later state that certain sicknesses , like asthma|respiratory disease|respiratory illness|respiratory disorder} as a result of her parents each have asthma gene .

History of diseases and health problems in the family tendency is also to be mentioned before deciding to marry . this is often as a result of it's medically able meningkatkatkan risk for their offspring later . ceremonial health examination can notice a range of prospects which will happen after the marriage , as an example, is there any likelihood their offspring can suffer from diabetes mellitus , hemophilia , hypochromic anemia , or maybe retardation .

Premarital medical examinations also can reveal whether or not there area unit rhesus incompatibility of blood that can be fatal in babies UN agency would be born . blood group specific variations might hurt the foetus . as an example , maternal blood group O , while the foetus features a blood group A or B , it can cause a miscarriage owing to the rejection of maternal antibodies to antigens present in the craniate blood .

In addition , health checks also can be directed to examine procreative health . " that's why examination is sometimes let alone an examination that features procreative health , similarly as examination of the privates prospective husband and married woman , " said dr . Boyke . In women , conducted an ultrasound to examine whether or not or not there is a cyst in the female internal reproductive organ . In men , if deemed necessary , is also performed to reveal whether or not the possible husband has enough sperm cell or not . in addition , examination of the analysis also can be done to determine sperm cell quality sperm cell mate .

Ideally , medical checkup performed six months before the marriage . thus if it turns out one partner littered with a particular malady , there is still time to require medication beforehand . And if detected any hereditary diseases , marital candidates still have a chance to think carefully whether or not to stay married or not . However, tests administered 3 months earlier also okay . In fact , some are doing a explosive , a month earlier . importantly , before marriage , said dr . Boyke .

Although the inspection found the descent dangerous malady , like blood disorders , hypochromic anemia , leukemia , diabetes mellitus , cancer or HIV / AIDS although , the agreement to marry shall remain absolutely the potential mate . Doctors can solely give you an idea of ​​the risk to be two-faced partner and offspring.

When the results of medical checkup clothed  to destabilize the love relationship that has been fostered , of course, isn't responsible the medical checkup , but yourself . as a result of it proves that a possible mate isn't prepared 100 pc for wedding . "At an equivalent level of love for the check and see if the sheer sense sentimentally that relies on wisdom or love . protective the relationship , isn't enough to simply love each other . If our relative to alter , we have a tendency to also have to possess enough wisdom to accept it , do not choose , ostracize her , but let everything go according to the method , "said the steward .


Step-by- step simple ceremonial medical checkup sajadan not trouble .

· Attended clinic doctors or general practitioners , specialists do not have to be compelled to consult .

· usually it will do a short interview about the case history that aims to search out out it had suffered , family case history , similarly as state of the surroundings and daily habits .

· The doctor can perform a physical examination needed for physical abnormalities and determine the physical signs of certain diseases .

· undergo a series of laboratory and radiology tests .


· Examination of case history

· Physical Examination

· Examination of the lungs Rongen

· Examination ECG ( for heart )

· Complete blood count ( haemoprotein , patelet , ESR / red blood cell rate ) , blood group and rhesus , complete blood count ( together with white blood ) , MCV / MCH / MCHC ( to determine the relationship between blood cells )

· Examination workplace . Torchs ( for malady infection , rubella , herpes )

· Examination of the blood glucose

· HBsAg and TPHA ( for sexually transmitted diseases )

· Widal ( for typhoid fever )

· Pap . TB ( for infectious disease )

· Examination of liver and excretory organ operate

· careful examination of piddle and stool

· tumour maker ( for those that have a history of cancer in the family )

· serum hepatitis vaccination ( 2 months before wedding )

· Vaccination tetanus ( tetanus anatoxin ) for ladies ( 2 months before wedding )
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