How to Get the Ideal Body Weight

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That needs to be done in order to lose weight, among others:
1) Attention to the type of food - beverages consumed / fix diet. Essentially all foods, contains nutrients for good and balanced, is good food. Food - beverages we consume can contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism will experience, and will be the energy needed by the body for activity.
If excess carbohydrates will be stored under the skin tissue, not muscle tissue, in the form of glycogen, as well as the fat in the form of fatty acids and cholesterol. While the protein, usually in the form of amino acids, and amino acids whose name no form of savings, while the other waste products, such as gas and odor. Thus, it is important in the effort to lose weight, to limit food - beverages with high fat and carbohydrate content, while the food - high protein drink is recommended, because the protein (amino acid) is an essential ingredient in the course of metabolic processes, especially the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

Would be good also if lots of eating fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamins and minerals are also important for the body, not a lot of carbohydrates and fats, such as durian and jackfruit. Fruits contribute fiber, and fiber is needed to "bind" while eating excess fat, therefore it is recommended to consume at least 8 grams of fiber a day. Including mango fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C, so it's good to be consumed. Bananas, high levels of vitamin C, but also high in carbohydrates. While watermelon, more water content, but rich in antioxidants. You should eat fruits that are rich in fiber, such as papaya, mango, and pineapple in daily consumption.

2) Reduce the size of the meal.
But remember, to reduce meal portions should be slowly and gradually, not immediately reduced by half, due to a sudden change is actually going to make us feel hungry and could easily emerge other complaints, such as dizziness and weakness. That's what we did not expect.

3) Drinking water. Did you know that the human body is 70-80% of it is water? So it's understandable why we are encouraged to drink water. If the water content in our bodies below the normal values​​, then we will become dehydrated. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water until 6-8 glasses per day.

Water is important for us as a catalyst in the body's metabolism, particularly the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. By drinking lots of water, it is expected that carbohydrate and fat in food and in the body buried be metabolized quite a lot and penimbunannya gradually diminished.
Water is also important as a diluent. Our blood that besides containing blood cells and platelets, it also contains other compounds, such as nutrition, metabolism and absorption results, which will be distributed to all parts of the body for its needs. That way, you can imagine that our blood once concentrated with all that, consequently so is not optimal blood flow, if it were so likely there are even able to settle in the walls of blood vessels, blood vessels constrict itself, what happens if the blood vessels in vital organs narrowed.

4) Sports. Indeed recognized sport can help to lose weight. The principle is burning calories from carbohydrates and fat deposits in the body. With moderately intense exercise on a particular body part that is fat and carbohydrates, then hoard it will be gone, and replaced by the formation of muscle tissue. We all know, that the formation of muscle tissue is better than fat tissue. Clearly exercise should be done regularly, and do not push yourself.

5) Discipline If you want to lose weight, you first need to instill in your discipline. You have to be disciplined to do anything that could help you in order to lose weight. If you can not discipline, then you'll never managed to achieve what you want.

How to shrink the stomach that can be done with exercise that focused on the abdominal muscles. But the problem with the name of sit-ups, which we know as the movement of the upper body lifting, the intensity of the resulting muscle is even more centered on the back muscles and hips, you definitely feel it. You can try half sit-up motion, we mean, do as when doing sit-ups, but when you lift the upper body, lift only up to approximately 45 degrees from the floor. If you feel your abdominal muscles are tense while doing it, then you are actually doing. It would be better if you visit the gym and enlist the help of the trainer to teach you how to cultivate a good and effective stomach.

Liposuction can not only shrink the stomach, can to suck the fat in all parts of the body that we want. Indeed, this procedure has become the choice of some people to get a slim body in a rapid fashion. Costs required for this procedure was not small, and the procedure is considered quite risky. Besides the effect was not long lasting, especially if you're lazy sport. You should still support it with regular exercise so that the effect is more likely to survive.

  There is another way to slim down or shrink the stomach, in addition to the set pattern / diet / diet, exercise and liposuction, such as:

  1. sauna bath => principles: temperature activates the body, so that the system also increase metabolism and burn body fat - carb that already exist in the body.
  2. Acupuncture => principle: suppress nerve hungry.
  3. hypnosis => principles: changing eating habits and patterns.
  4. Gastric reduction => principle: reduce the size of the stomach, so that the food you eat is not a lot to digest and quickly enter the disposal process.

Any way which would you choose, you should think carefully and consulted further on each expert. We are here only to give an idea.

The simple formula is ideal BB Counting
For example, your height 160 cm and weight 60 Kg. For women, an easy way to calculate the maximum weight typically is ideal:
{(height)} X90 -100% (Male minus 110)
= (160-100) X90%
= 54 kg

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