Healthy hair with veil

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For women, hair is a crown body. However, for women veiled genitalia hair is one that should be covered. However, it does not mean hair veiled woman is not treated, it must be even more aware. If it is too often closed to damp hair and "overheating" that can cause hair loss and dandruff inviting.

Actually, hair loss is a natural process for hair. However, if continuous, will lead to hair loss baldness.
If hair loss ranging from 80 to 100 strands per day, this is still considered normal. But if more than 100 strands of hair per day, said to be the new normal.
Hair Loss and Causes
Many factors that cause hair loss. Among other improper use of shampoo, often ponytail, or wearing the hijab immediately soon after shampooing without drying it first.

In addition, use of the wrong drugs can also cause hair loss, especially of the type of drug that works dilute blood. Diseases can also cause hair loss include typhus, a disease caused by too much vitamin A, or various diseases which lack important substances such as Zinc (sometimes found in vegetarian). Tension or mental stress (stress), and other psychological disorders can also be the cause of hair loss.
Hair Care Tips
The hair is often covered in hijab generally easy sweaty and very humid. Especially if the veiled woman has a very high activity. Here are tips that can ukhtiy use to prevent hair loss:

  1. Shampooing regularly
  2. Diligent combing hair (3 times a day). By combing the hair as well as scalp pemijitan do, which means it can help smooth blood circulation.
  3. Use a wide-toothed plastic comb.
  4. Avoid draw the line of separation is only on one side, because of the loss can be started at the line of separation.
  5. Avoid tying the hair with a tight bond, especially with the use of rubber bands. This will result in trauma to the hair. Use the fabric-covered hair band for hair tie.
  6. Do not let hair tied continues.
  7. Avoid wearing veils / hijab hair when wet. Because it will increase the moisture content of hair that causes hair to fall out.
  8. Shampoo used must be in accordance with the conditions of veiling hair. We recommend using shampoo that contains aloe vera juice. Ameliorate the plant growth and reduce hair loss. Can also wear green coconut shampoo and derived from carrot root extract.
  9. Reduce the use of hair dryer if forced to wear a hair dryer with a distance of 3-4 cm of hair, using hair from top to bottom and do not comb too strong
  10. If the condition of the hair sdg mngalami avoid damage dry hair with rubbing with towels. Let hair dry naturally, wrap with a soft towel and dries himself until slightly thick.
  11. Avoid scratching your scalp when shampooing krn will cause damage to the scalp and hair loss natural moisturizer.
title: Healthy hair with veil
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